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Niwisha Info Solutions is one of the R&D organizations of the wireless protocol domain. Niwisha Info Solutions was established with the intent of delivering quality training in the area of Wireless protocol stack testing & development. We are offering high quality training in the areas of Wireless protocols, IoT, Embedded Systems & Datacom. Niwisha has developed over a period of time a number of products, applications and solutions for different applications in wireless technologies. Niwisha Info Solutions offers high quality course that will help you to achieve your career objective.

Our expertise enables us to offer services in semiconductor design and system software. At Niwisha Info Solutions we create next generation products with our intellects, customers and technology partners. Students come from different countries like US, German etc. for improving their technical and job-related skills. Niwisha Info Solutions allows instructors to build online and offline coerces according to the student need.


On successful completion of Protocol Stack testing or development, you will receive certificate of completion.

The course is a project oriented and you will be doing an industry relevant project where in you work on Telecom Protocols testing and develop a set of test suites by using TTCN and learn to automate those using Python scripting. And develop those wireless protocols based on Programming Languages like C/C++/Java etc.

  • Should have an engineering or Post graduation degree,

  • Exposure to any programming language would be good.

Why this training:

This training helps you to get started all the way from basics to knowing all about advanced Wireless protocols, end to end call flows and build a strong foundation for career in Wireless domain. This course include the Python for performing testing on different protocols and also includes C programming for develop/design the requirements based on 3GPP.

Who should do this?
  • Fresh graduates

  • RF engineers

  • Drive test engineer

  • Testing engineers etc.

Why Choose Niwisha Info Solutions

Niwisha offers a high quality technical training that will help you to achieve dream job. The LTE course is structured to join you slowly into deep technical level aspects with high focus and hands on learning, the trainers are handpicked and have immense level of experience and will share their experience and knowledge. We have a well designed lab that will help you accelerate your learning.

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